Groundwork Group LLC offers a wide range of services to help your company reach its full potential. Whether you need help training employees on best practices or developing a business plan to get your product to market, Groundwork Group is excited to help you exceed your goals, wherever you fall along the supply chain.

To the right you will find the areas we serve, and below you will find a full scope of services we provide.


Local Food and Beverage Retail

  • Business modeling
  • Launch strategy
  • Operations management
  • Staff training
  • POS + inventory system construction


Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Route utilization
  • Route efficiency
  • Load planning
  • Load organization
  • Supply chain management

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Planning and Project Management

  • Project design
  • Project implementation
  • Grant writing
  • Administration
  • Strategic planning process facilitation

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Stakeholder Relationships

  • Farm relationship management 
  • Product identification
  • Vendor agreement negotiations
  • Procurement network construction

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