Why impact consulting

As consultants, our primary objective and focus is to always succeed in achieving the stated outcomes and expectations of our clients. As impact consultants, we add value to our services by aligning these outcomes through strategic collaboration to deliver a cohesive impact on our new food economy. At Groundwork, our consulting partners create yearly strategic impact plans and perform quarterly assessments of our progress to ensure a maximum impact. Our consultants are empowered to seek and develop projects that they are personally passionate about, following the philosophy that the best work is completed by talented experts who believe in the purpose and goals of their work. In turn, we find that our clients are better served and often benefit from our intentional approach to impact consulting through business to business connections and regional food system networks. 

Reach out and say hello

We are always looking to build our network of collaborators. Groundwork consultants are constantly engaged in much and more than what is on this page so please drop us a note to know the latest. If you have any questions or are just looking for some good conversation on the topics of food and farm businesses, value chains, and how we can work together to impact our new food economy please let us know. 

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Services of our Trade

  • Retail Storefront Development
  • General Project Management
  • Logistics Analysis and Solutions
  • Product Market Analysis and Fit
  • Grant Writing and Project Fundraising
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Capital Improvement Scaling
  • Market Channel Development
  • Procurement System Development
  • Operational Modeling and Efficiency

To learn more about our specific services or previous experience please contact us directly.


Nathan Forster came to the Northeast in early 2011 following a completed service in the US Peace Corps. As a wholesale farmers' market and food hub procurement manager in New York City, Nathan quickly developed a strong farm and food business network and detailed understanding of the local food system feeding New York City and the surrounding region. In 2013 Nathan began his work as a consultant as manager of a retail storefront and wholesale meat processing project in Madison County, NY. Since then, he has delivered direct technical assistance to many food and farm businesses as they scale to meet demand. In 2015 Nathan returned to Brooklyn, NY where he continues to impact our new food economy by consulting on NY State food and beverage initiatives, increasing distribution of locally produced food and farm products, and bringing new quality brands and products to market.